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Cary Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards Honors the Best of Western Wake County

Cary Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards Honors the Best of Western Wake County

Dr. Justin Glodowski, DO, our family medicine doctor and a doctor of osteopathic medicine here at Generations Family Practice (GFP) was voted the best doctor by Cary Magazine's annual Maggy Awards. Started in 2006, the Maggy Awards are Cary Magazine's most popular feature and generate thousands of votes each year.

The Cary Medical Management mission

Their purpose is to recognize the best-in-class people and businesses across all industries in Western Wake County. GFP is part of the network of high-quality primary care clinics managed by Cary Medical Management (CMM), which is making significant investments to keep patients healthier at lower total medical costs.

"It is truly an honor to be recognized in this way," said Dr. Glodowski. "As a doctor, one of the highest endorsements that I can receive is from my patients in the community. I am delighted and humbled to be voted 'best doctor' by the readers of Cary Magazine."

Dr. Glodowski's decades of experience

Dr. Glodowski has been a family physician for decades and enjoys working closely with his patients. He is board-certified in family practice and has a special interest in skin and vein disorders and treatments, which he utilizes when addressing patient needs. Today, he mainly treats adults and seniors, focusing on sports-related injuries and non-surgical treatment of the back and spine.

As the Medical Director of GFP in the Cary Location, Dr. Glodowski and GFP were the first to deploy CMM's effort to tap into the state-funded health information exchange. This exchange helps to assist patients after they have been discharged from the hospital. The clinic is also developing an innovative approach to extract critical diagnosis and treatment data from other specialists so CMM providers have a full, 360-degree holistic view of patient medical conditions.

GFP, led by Dr. Glodowski, also was successful in implementing a new "diabetes reversal" and obesity treatment program that a founding physician of CMM, Dr. Alex Tse, spearheaded to enhance patients' quality of life.

Patients value Dr. Glodowski's bedside manner

"This is a real honor for Dr. Glodowski and GFP," said CMM co-founder and CEO Siu Tong, Ph.D. "The mission behind CMM is to provide next-generation, tech-enabled primary care to drive better outcomes at a lower cost across the nation. Dr. Glodowski embodies that mission each day, and he does so in a way that gives his patients the best possible experience and care."

Voting for the 2022 Maggy Awards took place this year from Jan. 1 to Jan. 31, by online ballot. Readers named their favorite people and places in 60-plus categories, which can vary year by year. Those receiving the most votes in each category were named the winners; final votes were tallied based on one ballot per valid email address.

Additional recognition

Additionally, gives Dr. Glodowski five out of five stars from patient reviews. He is a "truly spectacular doctor! It's not easy to find general practitioners as attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable as Dr. Glodowski," raves one contributor.

"When he walks into my exam room, I feel like I have his undivided attention and genuine concern for my long-term health. He takes ample time to explain my test results and discuss recent studies that he's been following. Each visit I can take comfort in the fact that he has done a thorough examination asked the right questions, and completed the necessary tests."

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