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Resources available to our patients

As we work in partnership with our patients, please let us know if you find these sites helpful.

Check out these free online health resources.

We don’t recommend that you use a website or anyone but your medical provider to try to diagnose a condition or find the best treatment. But many websites can give you helpful information about healthy living, healthy eating and details about many medical conditions.

We trust the websites below to give you and your family great health information. Of course, before you change your diet or start an exercise program, give us a call. We’d like to help you succeed, as well as make sure any new program is safe for you.

The links will open a new window on your web browser.

General health topics

  • WebMD a very good website with health tips, recipes and more
  • Free DVDs and guidebooks from the American College Of Physicians

Chronic Conditions

For all generations

  • Think you need an immunization or vaccine? For adults and children, take this quick quiz to see which ones you might need.
  • What’s that lab test or screening for? Find out here.
  • Healthy eating website from, with different sections for infants, children, adolescents, men, women and seniors.
  • Are you or a loved one trying to stop smoking? Smoke Free is a great resource to look at to get you started!
  • The Cord Blood Center provides the latest up-to-date information and free resources for expecting parents. There have been over 35,000 cord blood transplants thanks to donors worldwide. With more awareness we can increase this number and further save the lives of children suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses.

For kids and teens

  • Keep kids from poison dangers in the home.
  • Kids, teens and games they can learn from. These on-line games and quizzes from the Game Room can tell kids more about themselves, and encourage them to share with you. (From the U.S. Centers for Disease Control)
  • CDC Child and Teen BMI Calculator Widget. This calculator provides BMI and the corresponding BMI-for-age percentile on a CDC BMI-for-age growth chart. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems. This calculator provides BMI and the corresponding weight category. Use this calculator for children and teens, aged 2 through 19 years old.

For adults

  • Men: Stay healthy at any age. Check out these tips for good health, from the National Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
  • Women: Stay healthy at any age. Check out these tips for good health, from the National Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
  • Are you a baby-boomer?
    • Check out the Go 4 Life website to start adding activity into your life—no matter how active you’ve been in the past. From the National Institute on Aging. Don’t miss the free booklet and DVD there, too – in English and Spanish.
    • For our patients who have Medicare, learn from this video about the new, free ‘Wellness Visits’ you’re eligible for.
    • Want to know more about a certain health condition? The National Institutes of Health has an excellent website that covers dozens of topics.


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