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Your Telehealth Appointment


Generations Family Practice Provides Telehealth Medical Services for the Entire Family

Telehealth at Generations

At Generations our focus is on patient care, whether in person or via telemedicine. Here’s what you can expect regarding your telehealth appointment:

  • When you contact Generations to schedule an appointment, you may be offered a telehealth “virtual visit” based on your history and symptoms.
  • The telehealth appointment will be scheduled like any other appointment; you’ll be sent reminders via text or email if you request it.
  • Fifteen minutes before the appointment, you’ll receive an email with a link to start the appointment. This will take you to further instructions and forms to complete, including one consenting to be treated by telemedicine.
  • At the appointed time, you’ll enter a “virtual waiting room” — but you won’t be able to “see” any other patients.
  • When ready, the provider will electronically invite you to enter the “exam room”
  • From that point on, the visit will proceed in the typical manner, with questions, responses, recommendations and, if appropriate, prescription for medications or recommendation for a follow-on appointment.
  • Your visit will be documented as a permanent part of your medical record, available later to your current or any future provider.

Want to know more? See our telehealth FAQ list.


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