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Insurance for Preventative Services


Annual health care screenings are an efficient way to identify potential medical conditions that you may not otherwise be properly diagnosed with. In the ever-evolving world of health care, however, it can be difficult to keep track of what is and isn’t covered, especially if you have Medicare in Cary, NC. At Generations Family Practice, we strive to provide you with care that is both affordable and efficient. That’s why we have compiled this list of things to look out for if you are new to Medicare –– so you know exactly what’s covered, and what isn’t.

Not Covered by Medicare

Annual physical exam. Also known as a comprehensive annual physical exam, this covers just about everything during your doctor’s visit, but it is not paid for by Medicare. If you choose to request this, you may have to pay out of pocket. Ask your doctor if this is something you should be routinely scheduling, regardless of coverage.

Covered by Medicare

Welcome to Medicare physical. When you first enroll in Medicare, you are entitled to a preventative exam that takes into account everything from your family history to your personal medical history and current lifestyle (activity levels, smoking, eating habits, etc). Other things you can expect during a preventative exam at Generations Family Practice include an electrocardiogram (to get a better read on your heart health) and a vision test.

Annual wellness exam. This is not as expansive as an annual physical exam but includes a go-over of your family history, personal medical history and current lifestyle, as well as the recording of your vital signs. This can be scheduled for 366 days after your Welcome to Medicare physical.

Subsequent annual wellness exam. After you have had two health care exams at Generations Family Practice, we will use that information to create a care plan that is customized to fit your needs and overall health.

Trust Your Health to Generations Family Practice in Cary

Although some Medicare restrictions may seem confusing, it’s important to schedule the correct exams that fit your needs. To keep you in the best possible health, read over our patient education section, call us at 919-852-3999 or contact Generations Family Practice online to schedule an appointment.

Generations Family Practice works with Medicare to bring you the best possible health care services in Cary, NC.


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