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Code of Ethics



The relationship between a patient and a provider is based on trust. The relationship exists when a provider serves a patient’s medical needs and is entered into by mutual consent. Generations Family Practice is dedicated to promoting the well-being of patients, and we collectively share the obligation to ensure that the care patients receive is safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.

The responsibility for quality care does not rest solely with providers. While their role is essential, the patient should be committed and should actively engage in efforts to improve their health. The following items are mutually agreed upon between Generation’s providers and the patient:

  • Generations Family Practice works with patient’s insurance companies to ensure all recommended and required screening testing are completed.
  • Generations Family Practice will monitor the quality of care delivered as individual practitioners through personal case review, peer review, and use of other quality improvement tools with commitment to develop, implement, and share appropriate, well-defined quality and performance improvement measures in daily practice.
  • Generations Family Practice will work with patients to be accountable for their well-being. This includes communicating effectively, coordinating care appropriately, following up with fellow health care professionals, and setting & maintaining health goals for a better quality of life.
  • Generations Family Practice will keep current with best care practices and maintaining professional competence.
  • At Generations Family Practice the patient’s health, dignity, and welfare will always be top priority.
  • The patient will work with the provider to improve their health. This includes adherence to agreed treatment plans and medications.
  • The patient will notify their provider if a medication is causing adverse effects or a negative impact on daily living where a patient feels the need to discontinue the medication.
  • The patient is to comply with annual wellness exams, routine follow-ups, and required bloodwork for their treatment.
  • The patient will notify provider if having difficulties that directly affect treatment plans, such as financial difficulties and transportation difficulties. Generations Family Practice may be able to provide community resources to the patient.
  • The patient will be forthcoming and honest about history and current social situations so the provider can provide the best quality of care without judgment.

Insurance companies require providers to encourage certain quality screenings to ensure a patient’s best health. These screens may include, but are not limited to screening mammograms, screening for colon cancer, retinopathy eye exams for diabetic patients, closely monitored glucose labs, and medication adherence for certain diagnoses.

Some medications and some chronic conditions require multiple office visits a year. This is discussed with the patient when setting a treatment plan.

Termination of the provider/patient relationship is a consequence of repeated failure to adhere to the requirements of treatment. The patient may terminate the relationship if the patient’s expectations exceed our capabilities.


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