November is a wonderful time to celebrate your family and for creating family traditions. After all, Thanksgiving and other significant holidays bring food, family, and friends together. The air feels filled with a new spirit of happiness and celebration.

Why Creating Family Traditions is Important

Family traditions aren’t just about the warm fuzzies. They are an essential way to bring your family together, creating a sense of belonging and building lifelong memories. Traditions help your child create his or her identity and expand your children’s cultural awareness. Studies show that children who know about their family history tend to be better adjusted, have increased self-confidence, and fewer behavioral health problems.
If you’re thinking to add some family traditions, here are just a few ideas:

  • Many families who celebrate Christmas decorate the tree together each year, but you can also start an ornament collection. Buy ornaments throughout the year on your travels.
  • Give back. You might choose a time each year to volunteer for something or give back to the community somehow. Maybe you participate in a neighborhood cleanup, wash dishes or make beds at a homeless shelter, or help in some other way.
  • Turn off screens. Take some time to sip hot cocoa as a family. Turn off everything but your Christmas lights and enjoy!
  • Adopt traditions from other cultures.
  • Build a gingerbread house each year or bake special cookies together.
  • Create a secret family recipe that you make each year at this time or ask grandparents for their favorites.

Do you have family traditions that you love? Share with us!

All this month we will showcase on our Facebook page favorite family traditions of both Generations’ staff and those shared by patients. We’d love to share one of your favorites. Please email us with a few lines of memories, recipes, activities or other traditions that bring your warm fuzzies! Make sure to follow along for some funny and heartfelt stories!