Anti-Pollution Skincare: Prevent Pollution from Aging Your Skin

Monday, 21 May, 2018
anti-pollution skincare
Why is anti-pollution skincare important? Emerging scientific studies are showing that air pollution can prematurely age our skin. Studies show that residents of cities, especially large cities, have more wrinkles and age spots at younger ages. They are also more prone to hives and eczema. City dwellers tend to have drier skin, too.
Most of the urban pollution comes from traffic, and tiny particles, called PMs, seem to cause the most problems. Combine that with smoke, soot, acid, and all the other junk out there, and none of it is good for your skin. Plus, pollution doesn’t just sit on top of your skin; the particles are often so small they can penetrate the outer layer.

Anti-Pollution Recommendations for Protecting Your Skin:

  • Hydrate. Skin that is properly moisturized stands a better chance of protecting itself. Moisturizer should always be part of your daily routine.
  • Cleanse gently. Use a mild cleanser in the morning to prepare your skin and again at night to remove particles, makeup, oil, and pollution.
  • Avoid harsh scrubs. Facial scrubs can irritate the skin and ruin its efforts to protect against pollutants and repair damage. If you must use a scrub, do so sparingly.
  • Look for products that talk about pollution. Cosmetic companies are aware of the problem and are working to find solutions. You should start to see this mentioned on labels soon. 
  • Stay healthy. One cosmetic company study shows Vitamin B3 (niacin) to be helpful and is increasing the amount in its products. But the overall health of your body affects everything, including your skin. Be sure to eat a healthy mix of nutrients each day.
  • Glycolic acid can affect the skin’s protective barrier. Unfortunately, so can retinoids, which are often used in anti-wrinkle products. Research on this is still new, but it’s best to avoid these if possible.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen. While protecting your skin from pollution is the next focus of many skincare products, we cannot forget the sun’s UV rays. Keep up with the sunscreen.

Not surewhat to do with your skin care routine? Contact us for guidance on the best approach for your skin type and specific problems.Anti-Pollution Skincare

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